Dear Friends

Please support me in my race with teamSBH. I ran last year and was determined to g-d willing run again for teamSBH.

The Sephardi Bikur Cholim (SBH) is an incredible organization that provides services to people in need from food pantry to job services, mental help, financial crisis, and so much more. In addition, they have a cancer center which helps patients and their families who have cancer. SBH’s center provides a lifeline of support during this challenging time for these patients and their families. All of SBH's services are provided free of charge and with such dignity that the person receiving does not feel ashamed. Unfortunately, all of us know someone who has been affected by cancer. Help me give back to an amazing organization that provides to so many in need - all with a smile and so much love!!! I am so proud to be running with teamSbh!!!

P.S. For me this race is also personal. I am running in memory of my mom who passed on a little over a year ago and in support of all patients out there battling cancer who are so brave and continue to fight and persevere each day!! To all those currently fighting or fought the fight - this race is for you!!

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Recent Donors
Robyn Luisi
Love you Yitti! You are really an inspiration!
Jeremy Edman
Irmlyn Jones
So proud of you Yitti!
Yehuda And Bashi Levilev
In honor of Yitti who motivates us to be the best we can be!
Daniel Rubinoff
Jacky Oratz
faster than a speeding’s SuperYitty! Good luck (not that u need it) love, Kelly and Leora Oratz
Esther Gutnick
You can do it Yitti!!
Esty Ettlinger
Keep inspiring the world!!
Yitta Silkes
Judith Traube
Yaffa Silkes
Rachel Fleishmann
Reva Kiss
Ellen Blond
Yitti, i'm so proud of you. The true measure of a person is demonstrated by how they handle the bumps in life. You've certainly set the bar high for that one. Good luck with the run!
Tzippy Jakubowitz
Good luck Yitti!! So proud of u!!!
Adina, Yoey And Tiny Grafstein
Our mom
David Rosmarin
Way to go!!!
Danielle Tomassetti
Becky Rogoff
Yay Yitty!!
Anonymous Sponsor
So inspired by u! U got this!