<>Who can run?
5K Marathon
5th- 8th graders (accompanied by an adult)

Half Marathon
11th and 12th grade high school students
<>How much money do I have to raise?
High School: Minimum of $2,400
College: Minimum of $3,000
Adult: Minimum of $4,000
Middle School (5K): Minimum of $1,100
Legends (5K): Minimum of $2,400
<>What’s included with my sponsorship?
As a fully-sponsored runner, everything is taken care of including:
• Flights and ground transportation
• 4-star hotel accommodations
• Training and nutrition program
• Delicious catered kosher meals
• Team SBH uniforms
• Race registration and much more
<>How much does it cost to attend the weekend as a non-runner?
Family and Friends/Non-Runners:
Adults: $1,000 (airfare not included)
Children 6-16: $600 (airfare not included)
Children 3-6: $300 (airfare not included)
Children under 3: Free (airfare not included
<>Where are we staying?
This year we’ll be staying at The Doubletree Orlando at Sea World.
<>How do I register?
If you missed one of our kickoff meetings, you can register online anytime. Please note that space is limited. Once registration is full, you will be added to a waiting list.
<>When is my sponsorship due?
The earlier you begin fundraising, the easier it will be to raise your money. The financial deadlines are as follows:
25% due by December 15, 2021
50% due by January 10, 2022
100% raised and collected by February 10, 2022.
This February I plan to run over 13 miles in the Disney Half Marathon with Team SBH. In order to make this happen, I need to raise at least ($1,000, $2,400, $3,000, $4,000) in donations to benefit SBH. In case you’re not familiar, SephardiC Bikur Holim (aka SBH Community Services Network) is an organization that works hand-in-hand with its dedicated volunteers and professionals to provide support and care for community members in need. Your donation will help me get closer to my fundraising commitment while supporting the SBH organization.
For more information on Team SBH, and to help me fulfill my dream of crossing the finish line, please visit www.teamsbh.org. All donations are 100% tax deductible.
Thank you so much for your support!
• Start a Raffle
• Call around and ask for donations from community businesses, or use a small portion of raised funds to buy an auctionable item (ie: iPod, iPad Mini, store gift cards…). Then sell raffle tickets for the item.
• Bake Sale
• Assemble a group of friends and plan a bakesale. You can then split the proceeds among the group members to go towards your sponsorship goals.
• Organize a 5K
• Organize a mini prep race to get people excited for the Disney Marathon.
• Plan a trivia night for high school students. Make teams of 5 or 6 and turn it into a trivia tournament.
• Family Feud Night
• Sell Homemade Items
• Ask your school principal for permission to sell DIY items around school (ie. headbands, keychains, bracelets…) Visit Etsy.com for new ideas, or even try selling them on the site.
• Start a Kickstarter campaign and share the link with friends and family.
• Start a Video Challenge
• Spread the word about your fundraising by starting a new video trend (ie. ALS Ice Bucket Challenge)
• Post it on Instagram and ask your friends to post their own, too.
• Plan a Sports Tournament. Charge an entrance fee and give out shirts and rubber bracelets to all participants.
• Family Bowling Tournament
• Ask a local bowling alley for some help in starting a bowling tournament targeted towards younger families. Charge an entrance fee and provide pizza, sodas and bowling shoes.
• Help with Small Tasks
• Go around the neighborhood and volunteer to wash cars, walk dogs, or even shovel snow for a small donation fee.
• You can also post on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter to help spread the word.
• Ask your school to help out and collect all the recyclables. Then take them to a local recycling center to trade them in for cash.
• Sell tickets and split the proceeds in half. One half of it goes to the ticket winner, while the other half is donated towards your sponsorship
Upon registration, you will be assigned a trainer that will give you a detailed plan. We will also be having numerous group runs, team workouts, and events to help you get ready for the big run!
<>What are group runs?
Every runner must complete a minimum of four organized group runs or races with their trainers and teammates prior to the Team SBH weekend in February. This is a great way to practice running with a large group of people, get real-time tips from your trainer and fit in longer runs before the marathon.
<>What Training Tips do you recommend?
On windy days, start off running against the wind and go slowly until you are feeling warmed up. Ice any sore areas immediately after your run. You can also wear an elastic bandage to provide support to sensitive areas. Never increase your mileage or long run distances by more than 10% from the previous week. A warm-up and cool-down brisk walk of 5-10 minutes will help you with training and reduce your risk for injury. To improve your running times, vary the intensity of your training and make sure to include easy runs. Don’t always avoid training because of bad weather. Running (safely) in different elements can really prepare you for a variety of conditions on race day. Make sure you drink plenty of water when training. Dehydration can be a problem, especially when running in hot weather. Have a small snack or meal within one hour following your run. This will help you refuel and recover quickly. Try running up and down hills to help build your stamina, but make sure you don’t overdo it. To mix up your runs and help build agility, try running on trails. The ground is easier on your feet and can help balance out your pavement runs. Find a running buddy, if possible. This will make your evening runs both safer and more fun. Be mindful of your form while running and try to relax. This will help especially when running up hills. Change your running shoes after every 500 miles. When buying new sneakers, give yourself a “break in” period of several days before wearing them to a race or long run. Invest in a good pair of running socks- they can help prevent blisters and offer support to your feet. Consistency is the key to success! Make sure to stick to your training program and ask your trainer for help whenever you need to.
<>What forms do I need to fill out?
All runners need to fill out a runner questionnaire, waiver and a medical waiver signed by their doctor. These can be uploaded directly to your sponsorship page or submitted directly to your captain.