In February, I am planning to run the Disney Half Marathon 13.1 miles. I am running in memory of my grandmother, my father’s mother, Jane Levy, ע״ה, who I never got a chance to meet. This year is the 19th year since she passed away and the Hebrew dates and the English dates are the same. I want to make her proud of me and I know she would want me to raise the money for SBH. In order to make this happen, I need to generate $2200 in donations towards the team I am running for - Team SBH. SBH is an organization that helps with a wide array of social services and helps with clothing, food and shelter and so much more for members of our community.


Please help me fulfill my dream by sponsoring me using this link



All donations are 100% tax deductible.

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Jane Zakay
Good luck!
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Anonymous Sponsor
Riva Cahane
Bubby/Zadie Garber
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Good luck Marsha!
Raquel Mishaan
Go Marsha!
Mary Setton
Go marsha!
Beverlee Levy
Good luck to you!!
Broooklyn Run Raffle
Adele Bissu
Meryl Schmool
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In memory of Jane Levy Zakay, a most most Wonderful and Beautiful soul; May she Rest In Peace.
Linda Homsany
Esther Levy
Go Marsha!!
Michael Franco
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Sam Zakay
We are so proud of you!
Ezra Levy
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Mindy Horowitz
Good luck Marsha!!
Wendy Kraiem
Julie Azar
Good luck!!
Stefanie Zakay
Go Marsha!
Stefanie Zakay
So proud of you! Run, Marsha, Run!
Jack Menashe
Train hard, run harder!
Dina Kraiem
Sandra & Brian Marcus
Good luck in Disney Marsha !