In October, I am planning to run the Junior marathon, which is over 6 miles!

In order to make this happen, I raise money towards my goal and for the team I am running for - Team SBH.

SBH is an organization that helps with a wide array of social services and helps with clothing, food & shelter for members of the community that I grew up in.

Please help me fulfill my goal!

All donations are 100% tax deductable.
Recent Donors
Anonymous Sponsor
Hoping this event inspires you to participate in many more!
Agnes Shemia
Go Esther! We're so proud of you.
Basi Jaffe
Dearest Esther, wishing you the best of luck in this endeavor! May you always be a source of Nachas to your parents, grandparents and family. We love you!
Catherine Lopez
Shoot for the moon! You can do it!
Run Loser Run :P
Suzanna Gollender
Esterke, we love you and we are very proud of you! From Mama Zsuzsi and Papap
Sharla Parag
Good Luck!
Anonymous Sponsor
Go Esther!
Solomon Azose
Good luck Esther!
Elvira Weiss
Good Luck Esther ..... run them out
Dorkas Ciriaco
Awesome Cause
Kenny Diaz
Go for it!
Daniella Rutner
so proud of you Esther ! amazing!
Wishing you Good Luck and lots of Fun.
Good Luck Esther! :)
Paula Kremer
Supporting your dream Esther !