This past Summer, I got it in my head that no matter what, I had to run the SBH Disney Princess Half Marathon. It is going to be their 10th Anniversary of the weekend, everyone else had seemed to have done it 5 times over, so in the spirit of challenging myself and FOMO, I knew I had to do it too. 

Soo here we are! Months later, many degrees colder, and I am training for the 13.1 mile marathon, in which I am slowly realizing, is a lot!!! But again, we can do this!!!

In case you don't know me, which is questionable, I am the person in the profile pic! The one wearing the tie-dye. The tie-dye began on a sunny Sunday morning and soon I was hooked. I've been able to share my love with many babies, kids, adults even Sitos and Nanas that love my tie-dye as much as my Mom does!

I have been putting half of the proceeds towards this very race, and I am proud to say that @summervibez4eva is trending! Thank you to everyone that has supported me, I hope you are still repping! That being said, DM me, I would love to make you something! 

Among many things I have learned this Summer, is that all you need in life is to be surrounded by good people. I feel so lucky to have made so many friends through SBH, running, tie-dyeing and even trying to raise the money (ahem.. right here!). I will share my thanks in updates in my training- thats the only thing I don't really have down yet, but I will try!!!

Lets do this! 

xx, Caroline



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Good luck! Love Paulette and Nina Cohen
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Go Caroline!
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So proud of you!
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You can do it!!
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Good luck C!!
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Go Caroline!!
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You go girl!
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Good Luck Caroline!!!!
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Good Luck!
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Good luck !!!