In February, I plan on running with Team SBH in the Disney Princess Half Marathon! In order to make this happen, I need to reach my goal to raise money for Team SBH. SBH is an organization that helps with a wide array of social services such as clothing, food & shelter and much more for members of the community that I thrive in. In addition, this year I will be running in honor of my Aunt, Estee Levy and her full refuah Shlema. You can also join us in this effort by donating in her zechut. Please help me achieve my goal!
Recent Donors
Joey Mizrahi
I love Aaron so much! He is, was, and always will be my favorite student
Esther Levy
Good luck
Maria Ditomaso
Go Aaron u can do it
Adam Esses
Good Luck!!
Amin Cayre
Anonymous Sponsor
In honor of Calvin Ridley, enjoy Disney my brother!
Anonymous Sponsor
Abraham Oksenberg
Good luck
Yvette Dayon
You can do it Aaron! Keeping everyone safe in Orlando!
Larry Natkin
You’re him
Esther Kroub
Happy Running !
Marc Setton
Tizku Mitzvot Aaron
Milo Shiram
James Marsano
Run Baby Run!!
Grace Saff
Good luck!!!!!
Jack Gani
I love you
Eddie N. Keda
I want to be Aaron levy when I grow up
Moey Levy
Anonymous Sponsor
Miriam Savdie
For Rhoda :)
Esther Levy
Good luck