My name is Marilyn Botton and BH” I’ll be participating in the Disney Marathon this February with Sephardic Berchot Holem! Running has always been a passion of mine, I find it relaxing and a great way to exercise, as well as a perfect way to stay active! This past year I’ve been heavily involved with chessed and I’ve been blessed to find the beauty in it! I’ve been fortunate enough to be a mother’s helper for a family in need. Going into it I expected a small once a week chessed, but from there my love for helping others emerged. I never expected it could have such an impact on my life, it has inspired me to do more and more. Every opportunity to do a chessed i can’t help but jump to the task, living in deal its especially when it can be challenging to find opportunities it’s impossible to say no. I’ve experienced firs at hand how valuable it is to help others, and how I get far more than those I’m giving too!
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