Welcome to my Fundraising Home Page!

Thank you for finding your way here.  About 6 years ago, I found my may to SBH.  I was invited to help a family organize their financial affairs in order to avoid foreclosure on their home.  After teaming up with a great group of dedicated volunteers, we were able to help the family and set them on the path towards financial success.  We were also able to help them with so many other things along the way.  What started off as a favor became a passion, and the passion became a lifestyle.

Now, years later, I am the President of this wonderful organization and am still in awe of the wonderful things we can achieve when working together.

There are so many families - so many men, women and children - that need our help.  We continue to stretch ourselves as much as we can, and continue to push as much as we can, but we need your help to succeed.

I decided to run Disney this year to push my limits.  I was never a runner (I can barely run a block), but I didn't feel right asking families to push out of their comfort zone in order to acheive success unless I too was willing to push out of mine.  So, here I am in training to run 13.1 miles and would love to hear that my friends and family are supporting my run and supporting SBH.

Please help as much as you can!

Thank you :)


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Recent Donors
Joey Abadi
Good luck Jacko Baba !!
Anonymous Sponsor
Very proud of you. Good luck
Joseph Haber
Jack you are ONE OF A KIND!!!! LOVE YA!!!!
Anonymous Sponsor
Good Luck Jack! --Simon Srougo
Nathan Hassoun
Good luck and thanks for all of your hard work for the community