This is my 5th year running Disney and 3rd year training others cross the finish line! Last year I was awarded Trainer of the Year! To date I've run 3 Full marathons and a whole lot of half marathons. 

The above info may be impressive but means little. The reason this trip is so important is that it shows people how important SBH is. But now that I've been volunteering for SBH outside of running, I am getting a better feel for what they are doing. I can tell you this, if you think you know what they do, you are wrong. The scope of this organization is so far reaching, its indescribable. If SBH was an Iceberg, I'd only be able to tell you about the tip!

This trip helps raise money, yes! But in my eyes it helps raise awareness about what YOU can do for others. Many of us don't know what we have to contribute but this trip and SBH help bring that out! 

A sponsorship for me, is a sponsorship for straight up Do Gooding. You can't imagine how far your dollars go to help others who-

-Have sever social issues

-Have trouble putting food on the table for their families

-Educate people about all sorts of abuses

-Help people having a hard time get back on their feet.

-Help people you have Cancer with one of the highest rated Cancer centers on the planet

-Help keep families mentally healthy and together


When you give to SBH, its like giving to over 20 multifaceted charitable organizations at once!


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Congratulations to all the runners on a fantastic feat! From your friends at OPR
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Keep up the great work!
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Good luck and have fun!
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Good Luck
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Go Gary!!!! G-d willing next year I remove the decimal point.
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