Aaaand we’re back! 


BH the Power Duo will be participating in Disney’s Princess Marathon! 


Just to keep you up to date - this is our fourth year participating. The first year, we created history as being the first power duo to participate in a Disney marathon. On the second year, I was physically strong enough to push myself across the finish line. Last year, HaShem was with us once again & we surprised everyone - Solly & I switched places - I pushed him across the finish line. 


Thank HaShem, I have been getting stronger ever since. This past summer, I walked SBH’s 5K in Deal. And you need to know that it’s because of your support, your motivation, your spark that drives me to fight & push forward. I would never be where I am today without you. 


I am truly excited for this year’s marathon - what will we do to top last year’s? We shall see BH! 


We need YOUR help to reach our goal in order to participate. 


This is not about the race; it is about raising money for this amazing organization. This year we wish to fulfill our goal of $26K “the name of ה׳” - because without HaShem, none of this would ever be possible.


Whatever you can give, whatever you can do, let’s show SBH how much we appreciate their love for us. 


We will be raffling off a BRAND NEW SAMSUNG 65” 4K CURVED LED TV to all sponsors: 

$52 buys you 1 ticket

$101 buys you 3 tickets

$252 buys you 10 tickets

$501 buys you 25 tickets



Every dollar counts • Please donate 


All the best, 

Cheri Srour & Solly Elmann 



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