In October, I am planning to run the Junior marathon, which is over 6 miles!

In order to make this happen, I raise money towards my goal and for the team I am running for - Team SBH.

SBH is an organization that helps with a wide array of social services and helps with clothing, food & shelter for members of the community that I grew up in.

Please help me fulfill my goal!

All donations are 100% tax deductable.
Recent Donors
Penny Hakim
Abraham Hakim
Shari Sutton
Saulie, you are awesome! A true Mitzvah guy with great middot!
Eddie Rishty
Good Luck to my amazing nephew Saulie. Love - The Rishty's
Abe Joe Hakim
Abraham Hakim
Good Luck Saulie! Love, Aunt Grace and Uncle Jack
Adi Badash
good luck Saulie! go get em tiger! love Aunt Yael and Uncle Adilicious
Emily Chemtob
Joseph Hakim
Christie Loughnane
Good luck Saulie! Love, Cousin Jack
Kay Lahasky
We're proud of you, Saulie! - cousins Kay, Jeff, and Isaac